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About Daniel Green

Dan Green, a native of Cincinnati, is a sports fan, fitness junkie, and coach of youth sports. As a former four-sport athlete, he understands the importance of sport and sporting endeavors to young children and young adults. So, Green volunteers extra time to the community, coaching youth sports through all four seasons.

Green has coached a variety of youth sports teams, including soccer teams, basketball teams, baseball teams, and hockey teams. He founded a running club in his community as well for youth runners training to run 5ks. No matter the sport, Green believes, the lessons taught by hard work, determination, and focus help all athletes to realize their full potential, on and off the field.

When Dan Green is not coaching youth sports or spending times with his family, he likes to maintain an active sporting lifestyle. He participates in hockey and softball leagues, and plays pick-up soccer several times weekly. He’s also a long-distance runner. Dan has run a half-dozen marathons (PR: 3:24) and logs more than 30 miles per week in training.

Dan Green’s healthy lifestyle extends beyond the sports field. He and his wife model good eating and nutritional habits that his children can be proud to follow.

To this end, Dan likes to work in the kitchen, filling cabinets will healthy snack foods for his kids; and filling bellies with nutritional dinners. He has a lot to learn, he admits, but as Dan puts it, “If you can read, you can cook.”

Races & Stats

Recent Races

The Bourbon Chase, Lexington/Louisville, KY
Blue Ash Dash 5k, Blue Ash, OH
Aviator Flight Fest 5k, Montgomery, OH
Mercy Metric 5k, Cincinnati, OH
Cheetah Run 5k, Cincinnati, OH
Race Around the World 5k, Cincinnati, OH
Rock N Roll Marathon, New Orleans, LA (3:24:35)

Young Life Gobble Gobble 5k, Cincinnati, OH
Matthew 25: Ministries Fighting Hunger 5k, Cincinnati, OH
Great Pumpkin Run 5k, Cincinnati, OH
Aviator Flight Fest 5k, Montgomery, OH

Aviator Flight Fest 5k, Cincinnati, OH
Ragnar Relay, Washington, D.C.
Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon, Cincinnati, OH (3:37:12)
Hope Express, Hershey, PA

Los Angeles Marathon, Los Angeles, CA (3:39:25)


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